From wheels to rails: RTL Alliance solves the problem of cargo delivery from Europe to Belarus

From wheels to rails: RTL Alliance solves the problem of cargo delivery from Europe to Belarus

RTL Alliance international logistics company has launched a new rail service that resolves the urgent problem of delivering goods from European states to Belarus.

The service is designed to combat the existing problem when there is a lack of cars for loading in Europe and a constant increase in rates for road transportation.

RTL Alliance offered its customers an alternative solution: uninterrupted container transportation by rail, with a 30% savings on shipping compared to trucking.

Containers are sent from Europe to Belarus once a week. The service is not limited in bandwidth, containers are always available in Europe. At the client’s request, a service is provided for the delivery of goods from the warehouse to the dispatch station from anywhere in Europe. Thus, customers no longer need to constantly search for carriers.

The new railway service of RTL Alliance has the following benefits:

• No interruptions in supply
• 30% savings on shipping costs compared to trucking
• Constant availability of containers at the station
• No recoupling
• Door-to-door delivery

— We at RTL Alliance are constantly working on creating new alternative routes that solve our customers’ problems. The new service will allow us to maintain the speed and uninterrupted supply, which is very important in the current conditions, — said Gennadiy Gogeniya (CEO, RTL Alliance).

The company is now noting a significant boost in demand for this offer, so Belarusian importers should think about switching to this exclusive service right now.

RTL Alliance

A recognized expert in integrated logistics, as well as rail and multimodal transportation, RTL Alliance has been operating since 2012, providing a full range of transport and logistics services. The geography of the company's activities includes more than 80 countries.

RTL Alliance has a high BBB credit rating reflecting the company's good credit quality and low investment risks. The investment rating was assigned to the company based on the results of an assessment by the BIK Ratings agency.

The company is a member of the FIATA and BAIF Associations, has an international certificate of ISO 9001:2015 in the field of freight forwarding, and is included in the TOP-50 employers.