RTL Alliance solved the problem of dangerous goods delivery

RTL Alliance solved the problem of dangerous goods delivery

RTL Alliance international logistics company successfully solves the problem of delivering dangerous goods from various countries for its customers, despite the difficult situation in global logistics.

Transportation of dangerous goods on direct international rail routes has become impossible today. Under these conditions, RTL Alliance customers got the opportunity to use the company's multimodal service with alternative routes, allowing not to reduce the rhythm of transportation of this type of cargo from China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia.

Thus, RTL Alliance once again confirmed its reputation as an expert in integrated logistics and transnational transportation.

— Today, in order to deliver dangerous goods from China, we need not only relevant competencies and experience, but also alternative logistics solutions, without which this is simply not feasible. RTL Alliance has such solutions, which allows our customers not to slow down their logistics, - says Gennadiy Gogeniya (CEO, RTL Alliance).

The advantages of the RTL Alliance multimodal logistics service for the delivery of dangerous goods are also stability in terms of execution and time savings in coordinating the acceptance of goods for transportation.

From 45 days is the transit period for the delivery of dangerous goods from China, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia. Cargoes of the following hazard classes are accepted for transportation along these routes: 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 8, 9.

Delivery from India will take from 40 days. Cargoes of classes 5.1, 8, 9 are accepted for transportation.

RTL Alliance

RTL Alliance is an international logistics company that has been operating since 2012 and is one of the market leaders in the field of multimodal and rail logistics. This confirms the status of the Best Multimodal Freight Forwarder of the Year according to the BAIF Association.

As a logistics product company, RTL Alliance has its own fixed specification logistics products. The company performs direct and multimodal cargo transportation, carries out both full and consolidated shipments by rail, road, sea and air.

RTL Alliance has a high BBB credit rating reflecting the company's good creditworthiness and low investment risks. RTL Alliance is the only logistics company to receive a high rating from the BIK Ratings audit.