RTL Alliance joined the German-Belarusian Economic Club

RTL Alliance joined the German-Belarusian Economic Club

RTL Alliance joined the DBWC German-Belarusian economic club, which was another confirmation of the international level of logistics services provided by the company.

The German-Belarusian Economic Club has been developing economic relations between Belarus and German-speaking countries since 1994. The club offers its residents a unique discussion platform that can be useful in solving many issues related to doing business in Belarus.

"Presence in the German-Belarusian Economic Club further expands our opportunities for international cooperation. Already now we note that the main thing for our clients is expertise in complex international logistics and container transportation. They come to us for this," said Gennadiy Gogeniya (CEO, RTL Alliance).

The German-Belarusian Economic Club consists of several dozen world-famous companies, including Siemens AG, Robert Bosch AG, Commerzbank, Henkel Bautechnik Ltd.

It should be noted that this year RTL Alliance also joined the EBBA European-Belarusian Business Association.

RTL Alliance

RTL Alliance is an international logistics group of companies that has been operating since 2012 and is one of the market leaders in the field of multimodal and rail logistics. This confirms the status of the Best Multimodal Freight Forwarder of the Year according to the BAIF Association.

RTL Alliance is also a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations FIATA and holds the ISO 9001:2015 international certification in the field of freight forwarding. The company is actively developing in the field of LogTech.

RTL Alliance has a high BBB credit rating reflecting the company's good creditworthiness and low investment risks. RTL Alliance is the only logistics company that has received a high rating from BIK Ratings and issued its own token, the circulation of which is already almost sold out.